The leader in event coverage

We understand the value of your event photography and have experience discretely covering intimate private events but can also scale up to shoot multi-city launch parties and incentive programs across multiple cities with our team of photographers.  Whether it’s former British Prime Minister Tony Blair or President Obama, a company holiday party or even a company picnic, we have you covered.

Private Events

Our roster of vetted photographers in most major metropolitans allows us to serve a range corporate and private clients across the nation for their most important events. Whether you go with an assigned photographer or pick one of our top shooters, you’ll benefit from  first class customer support and a variety of service level and pricing options.

Conferences and Extended Coverage

As an agency, our core strength is serving clients manage complex events that require multiple services and an array of delivery needs. We’ve honed our team to help you succeed by providing a dedicated Producer to manage your project and one stop shop for a myriad of services.

PR & Event Marketing

Our goal is maximizing the marketing exposure of your event with photography and video. We can be your turnkey partner by providing Real-time delivery of images to guests,Brand Placement on images/videos and real-time delivery to social media networks

Others Services

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